San Angel Inn-Epcot-Review

We made reservations a long time in advance to eat at San Angel Inn, a Mexican restaurant located in Epcot. I made this reservation in advance due to the fact that I had probably the best Mexican dish I ever ate there. Period. I built this story up in my head. It was going to be great. I can remember the dish: A duck stuffed poblano with pine nuts, almonds, and cranberries in a sweet sauce. Yum! So after I made the reservation I decided to check out their menu to see if anything was new. I noticed something. The stuffed poblano with duck was no longer there. No worries, they had a similar dish that was stuffed with pork. So here is my thoughts of San Angel Inn since I visited last:

1. The atmosphere: The atmosphere is made to resemble a Mexican cantina. It has a temple in the background with a volcano next to it. There is a boat river-ride that goes right through the restaurant. You will notice it is very dark in the restaurant. Almost too dark. I could see my food, but it was difficult due to lighting.  

Another thing I noticed about the restaurant was it was loud. Very loud. If one hopes to have a quiet, romantic evening here, it probably won't happen.  This is probably because the gift shop is right above the restaurant, where Epcot travelers come in and shop.

2. The service: The service for the restaurant was about par-level. It was nothing stellar, but nothing mediocre. He took our orders, and brought out our food. They didn't go out of their way for exceptional service.

3. The food: I will have to say the food was a disappointment for me. I ordered a Chile Relleno, which was a poblano pepper stuffed with pork, pine nuts, and almonds, topped with roasted tomato sauce:

It was decent. For the price of almost $30 per plate, it did not live up to the standards that I once held this restaurant. The pork was very bland, like it had been boiled in salt water. It was also very limited on the pine nuts and almonds, and there was no sweetness to balance the plate.  While this did not taste bad, I know here in my hometown I can get a stuffed poblano for 6 bucks that is just as good or better than this one.

This was an expensive decent meal in a loud atmosphere. At one time my most cherished dish was at this restaurant, but it is no longer on the menu. I hope the best for the restaurant in the future, but as for now it is not as good as it once was.

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