Impressions-The Fresh Market Tuscaloosa

We took some time in Tuscaloosa and looked at some of the new stores and markets that have been built since the 2011 tornadoes came through. One of those markets was the Fresh Market, and it looked definitely fresh:

They had a large section of produce, and lovely organic vegetables.

They also had a fine selection of beef..

See the pig in the pic?
And pork. 

That had a gelato section that sold blood orange sherbet.

I bought some, of course. It was amazing.

The only setback we had was the price. I, however have to remember this is higher quality meats, vegetables, and food that is less processed and therefore has less shelf life.  I was amazed by the bright color of the store, the cleanliness, and the selection of foods. In fact, they have some items normal groceries may not. 

If you have a good food budget and afford the items, definitely go here. We could only buy a few things a month, but there are some great things at this store.