Weekly Blog Feature: From Healthylicious Foodie!

I have met a few food bloggers that have a passion. There are some new bloggers, and some seasoned bloggers, that want to express themselves and share their love for food. They want to share the delicious, the healthy, and the beauty of a meal to others. Our featured guest is one of those that loves to share their food creations.

Our weekly recipe feature comes from Healthylicious Foodie, a website that has tons of DIY recipes that are not only user friendly, but healthy for you as well!

Our featured chef is Clare, who has says this:

" As a self-taught cook, I am constantly trying to find healthier ways to prepare and make food without losing the yum factor. I will show you how easy it is to create nutritious and healthylicious food and I hope you find my blogs and recipe ideas informative and inspirational."

Our recipe feature is Apple Pie Quesadilla!

Looking Delicious!

This recipe sounds amazing! With the ingredients involved, I won't feel as guilty either! So go and visit Clare's wonderful site and check out her recipe here!

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