The Chef's Table-Aboard Carnival Elation

Our group who enjoyed the Chef's Table.

We took Kelly on a cruise last year and I got to experience the Chef's Table on Carnival's Elation cruise ship. It is a tour of the Kitchen, along with a 7 course meal. It was amazing! I wanted to share some of the dishes I experienced.

Reception. Langoustine and Sundried Tomato Jam Fritters

Tomatoes Our Way!

Tuna Banh Mi.

Cornish Hen.




Chocolate 88F Cake.

Everything I ate was delicious! I really enjoyed being able to see the kitchen and see how the cruise did breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I go on another cruise, I will do this again!

Note: The best thing I ate was the 88F cake. I can't even describe anything like it. One of my favorite desserts ever!
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