Restaurant Review...Rock N' Roll Sushi

I took my wife for a Valentine's outing and we decided to try something new. I had heard good things about Rock N' Roll sushi. Us being the sushi nerds we are, and the interesting concept of the names of the sushi being named for rock stars, we tried it. How was it? Great. Here is a short breakdown of everything:

1. Concept: This is a really cool idea. Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one? Sure, it appeals to a certain niche, but its a rather large one. As I noticed on their menu, they carefully named the rolls after rock stars that would reach a broad audience. Sorry folks, there is no Air Supply on here.

2 Atmosphere: You will realize quickly that this is a college town hangout. Yes, it is right there around the University of Alabama. So what you expect to see is college students. Howbeit the atmosphere of the restaurant is exactly what they want it to be. You have rock playing over the speakers, flat screen TVs going on the walls, and rock decor everywhere:

Looks like he is going to "slash" here in a minute.

Here is a monkey.


One of the coolest parts of the restaurant was the menus. The menus are actually album covers! My wife had Michael Jackson and I had Queen, but my picture was not clear.

3. The service: The service was good. We had a waitress that verified our choices as being beautiful and yummy. They even had a deal when you sign up for a text club we got 10% off our order. That was sweet.

4. The food: The food was on point! There was not one thing we had that wasn't tasty.

Crab/Cream Cheese Wontons.

Beef Tataki: Thinly sliced filet mignon with 3 different chef sauces. Yum!

Four different rolls from left to right:Japanese Bagel, Tommy Lee, (top) Spicy Tuna, Guns N' Roses

Overall: This was a great dining experience. Not a wine and dine romance place, but it is exactly what you would expect. With cool concept, good atmosphere, and excellent food, we will be coming back again.