Photos of Remembrance-Our Cruise!

We adopted our child Kelly from foster care over a year ago, and one thing we did to celebrate was to go on cruise. I imagine every time when I went to a dining area they thought I was crazy for carrying my camera everywhere with me.  Well here are a few pictures of some food and memories from the trip. I am going to do a completely different post about something I went on called "The Chef's Table" where I had a five course meal and a tour of the kitchen. Yay!

Our girl!

French toast with cornflakes crust
My wife and I.

Crazy folks!

Room service!

My girls!
More room service!

Pretty huh? Yeah the sushi too.


Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich.

This guy is awesome.

Alligator fritters.

Strawberry bisque.

It was a great trip and so many memories! Now Kelly wants to go again!

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