Egg in the Hole! Simple But Fun

I wanted to try to see if I could cook an egg in the middle of a piece of bread. It seems I succeeded. It was tasty and unique.

One piece of white bread
One Egg
Salt and Pepper to taste

I used a glass and shaped a hole in the middle of the bread. I laid the bread and the cut out piece on a slightly greased cast iron skillet on medium heat and just toasted enough to get it to begin the toasting process.

I cracked the one egg into the middle of the bread and let cook for about 4 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Flip the toast and cook another 4 minutes. The bread should be brown and the egg just done enough to be cooked but still a little runny.

Eat with bacon or anything else! I put some sriracha over the top of mine.

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