Spicy Crab Salad Recipe

Now that I'm stuffed like the cliff swallows from Capistrano, I wanted to share how I made my crab salad that I used to stuff(and top) on my sushi. This crab salad is delicious, and our daughter Kelly loves it with sushi. This is what you need:

1 package imitation crab meat(the stick is better but I just  had the chunks)
2 heaping tbsp mayonnaise(creamier better)
Sriracha to taste
Panko bread crumbs(optional)
About 1 tbsp water

 In a mixing bowl put two heaping tablespoons of mayo.
 Put about 3 teaspoons of sriracha sauce with the mayonnaise. I like more, but this is for my family so I cut back the heat a little.
 Add one tablespoon of water and mix contents together. Set aside or refrigerate when needed.
 Take the crab meat and shred into long fine strips or dice(my method). Place crab meat into ANOTHER mixing bowl. That way you can measure how much of the yummy sauce to put over it.
Pour sauce over crab and mix well. Adjust sriracha or mayo for your own consistency.

I did't try this, but with the panko bread crumbs I would toast them in a saute pan for a few minutes and then top on crab salad when ready to eat.

ONE MORE TIP: If you have some left over sauce, this is a good base to start YUM YUM sauce, which you find in Japanese steak houses. I'll give the recipe for that one soon!