Smoked Chicken Halves

4 chicken halves
1  cup Dale's marinade
1/2 tbsp black pepper
1/2 tbsp garlic powder
8 tbsp butter
2 lbs any type of charcoal(Kingsford is good)
5 hickory chunks

The day before you cook your chicken place 2 halves in a sealed bag or container. Marinate your halves in 1/2 cup of the Dale's marinade and place in the fridge and let marinate over night.

The next day, prepare your grill or smoker for indirect grilling. This is a method I use for about everything now, even cooking hamburgers. It doesn't burn the meat but still cooks and provides a good smoke flavor.  Ignite your coals by how ever method you start  your fire. I use a charcoal chimney, because I detest using lighter fluid.  Make sure the coals are either on the left or right side of your grill.  Once they have burned down to almost completely white, add your five large chunks of water soaked hickory on top of the coals.  Shut your grill and the ideal temp you want is about 250 to 275 degrees.

Remove chicken from marinade and let all excess liquid drip off  and place onto a cutting board.  Sprinkle black pepper and garlic powder on both sides of chicken halves.

Take your chicken and place SKIN side DOWN on the opposite side of your fire. Close the lid and let the chicken cook for about an hour.

After the chicken has cooked about an hour, Melt your eight tbsp of butter in a container big enough for your halves to fit in. Oh yes, you know where I'm going with this. Go to grill with your melted butter and submerge each half in it. Place your halves back on the grill SKIN side UP and close your grill cover. Allow chicken to cook for another hour.

While your chicken is cooking on the grill, mix all your white sauce ingredients together and place in a container to chill in the fridge.

Turn your oven on to 185 degrees. After your chicken has cooked for the second hour, take the chicken and place uncovered in your oven(any kind of Pyrex or pan will do).  Allow chicken to stay in oven for another 45 minutes to one hour.  After chicken has cooked verify internal temp of chicken is at least 165 degrees. Another way to check is to pull on the leg and if it almost pulls away from the chicken, its done.

That's pretty much it. You can fix sides such as mac and cheese and some green beans and you have a meal.

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