Well Molly Can't Exactly Smile Like This Anymore...

Our weekend was fun-filled with family get-together's. The business of getting meals prepped and getting on time was fun enough, but we had another form of excitement the Friday before all of our family gatherings. It
was about bedtime and Molly was due one more bathroom trip before bed. Instead of putting her on her leash and going to the front yard, I decided to let her out into the fenced in backyard and let her go herself. Well, little did I know that there happened to be a possum in the back yard. Our back yard is designed where  you have to exit on a high porch and walk down a long flight of stairs to get to the ground. Molly sees the possum, darts towards it, and in the process falls down the stairs. She is OK, however she hit her front tooth and knocked it out of place. We took her to the vet, and the vet pulled the tooth out with his bare hands. Brave soul. Now she has a gap in her front teeth like a first grader that lost their first tooth. That was exciting.  So we are to go back next week and have the vet polish and look at any other teeth that may need attention.  Molly's smile won't be the same, but she is still a happy dog.
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