Bob Gibson's and Jim 'Nick's White Sauce Comparison

We are going to look at some white sauces of two popular barbecue restaurants and draw a comparison. I will first to note there is no clear winner here on which is the best sauce. I say there is no clear winner because it depends on the circumstances of the charred meat eaten.  One could be better for chicken, one could be better for ribs. One could be better for pulled barbecue, one for barbecue potato. 

          BOB GIBSON'S                                                             JIM 'N NICK'S

Thin and more liquid                                                         Thick and Clumpy

                                                    Flavor Profile

Savory                                                                                          Bold

                                                    Flavor Type

Sweet                                                                                    Smoky/Spicy

                                                  Strongest Tone

Sweetness of Mayo                                                             Peppery/Mustard 

                                                 Goes Best With
Smoked Chicken Quarters                                                    Ribs(Spare or BB)
Smoked Chicken Wings                                                         Brisket
Grilled Chicken                                                       Pulled Pork(Without Bread)
Pulled Pork Sandwich                                                           BBQ Potato

So If I was stranded on a desert island and could only choose one white sauce to take with me, which would it be? Well, the answer is simple: it depends. What kind of meat will be on the island? That would make my decision clear.  They are both wonderful sauces in their own right. I will note if you continue to each the Jim 'N Nick's sauce continually, it will gradually get spicier.  Sweet=Bob's. Spicy=Jim's.

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