Birthday Celebration

My parents took me out for an early birthday celebration, and gave me the choice in Tuscaloosa of where I would like to eat. My choice? Jim 'N Nick's barbecue. Now I don't know of many chains or diners that have comparable barbecue to my own at home, but I would say that Jim 'N Nick's is the closest I have ever had.  I indulged in a three meat platter: smoked brisket, spicy sausage links, and pork spare ribs. I had vinegar based slaw with creamy mac and cheese. It was all very delicious. I believe what makes their ribs so good is that  they do a brine  process on the meat before they smoke it. The ribs are just the way I like them:very tender but NOT fall of the bone. I like to be able to bite the meat off the bone. Another highlight on this dish was the sausage links. I honestly believe I could sprinkle dirt on the links and still enjoy them. Smokey, spicy, and a quick snap when you bite into them makes it sausage deliciousness.  They are presenting with their meats now something called "Morgan County White Sauce", which is a nod to Big Bob Gibson's white sauce that is made in Decatur, AL. I may have a blog post soon comparing the two. Great food, great company, and a great birthday dinner!
Jim 'N Nick's Tuscaloosa

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